The Beginning!

Started by 2 creatives back in early 2013.

Our studio has been collaborating with big, small, local and international brands for over five years, always learning, adapting and creating digital experiences that lead to better business. We're serious about digital, and every idea, solution or campaign we invent is to make you stand out from the crowd and build better relationships with your audience. Working as one team we are able to deliver on the most complex applications and continue to make our customers shine online.

Our individual skills, experience and shared passion for digital are what makes us, us. Before we get to know you, feel free to take a look at us.

We help businesses evolve & grow.

We collaborate with clients. We produce a bold creative design that challenges the status quo, amplify brands and ensure that projects are strategically thought-out for maximum engagement.

Inspired work that drives business and allows our clients to connect more deeply with their audience.

Our Approach

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We explore the “Why.” “Why” should people care? “Why” should they be engaged? “Why” should someone choose your company or brand? Understanding and zeroing in on the “Why” takes a great deal of expertise and insight. Our approach is designed to get a comprehensive understanding of your business and it’s the reason “why” our clients have trusted us with their brands for over 5 years.


Outline Plan

The strategy for engaging your audience begins to develop, built on a solid foundation of information established during our initial discovery. This is where the value proposition, aka ‘THE BIG IDEA’ is created. It represents everything you want to communicate to your audience, distilled down to its simplest and clearest form.


Execute & Refine

There’s an old saying about ‘the rubber meeting the road.’ This is where that happens. The value proposition and creative concepts have been approved and our highly talented team of designers, writers, developers and marketing minds are hard at work turning concepts into reality.



Our responsibilities don’t end when a project is fulfilled, released and launched. We actively monitor the project to ensure it’s performing as promised and generating results. Additionally, we continually seek opportunities to extend the reach and impact of the work to maximize your investment and grow your business. We call it good stewardship.

Customer Speaks!

  • Incredible work! Best creative experience ever; timely, well executed and one hell of the result. Would recommend Pixograftica to anyone who is looking to revamp their identity.

    Ritwik Uban - Canada
  • Creativity redefined. These guys offer a unique approach to every aspect of design and the result is simply stunning.

    Dikshant Batra - Canada.
  • Design, design and redesign is their motto. Pixograftica won't stop until they have the perfect match between functionality and esthetic.

    Alaxandru Balint - US.

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